Lined wooden

We are manufacturers of lined wooden boxes, creating lined cases and boxes that will highlight the virtues of your highest-end products.

The lined boxes have a wooden structure that gives it the presence and structure of the utmost quality. This wooden structure is covered with various materials that, once printed, allow us to customise your packaging according to your brand and/or product.

Our team will analyse your product in order to design the ideal packaging for your needs, covering aspects such as the materials, finishes, structural design, functional design, etc.

Also, if your product so requires, we will also design and manufacture the internal cushioned padding so that your product is entirely secure and protected.

Providing a high-end product means giving our customers an end product that stands out from the rest of products with the same characteristics. Studying the market, designing a specific medium in each case and producing the ideal case are tasks that we undertake in conjunction with you until we have achieved 100% satisfaction of your objectives.

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Wooden Packaging Design

Below are some of the designs of lined wooden boxes that we have manufactured: