Printing and
Packaging Services

DIGRAF is a printing firm that specialises in the manufacturing and printing of containers, packaging, luxury boxes and cases and POSs, for sectors of all kinds, providing the technical and human resources necessary for the production of high-quality packaging.

Our daily work is none other than to ensure that your containers, as well as being useful, are attractive, and that their attractiveness is also convincing. Thus, our challenge, like that our clients, is to reach and convince the consumer, to ensure that the container conveys the advantages and unique characteristics of the contents..

To do this we provide the most advanced solutions in offset printing, as well as all of the processes necessary up to the final delivery of the product, so that the customer gets packaging that is fully customised to match the customer’s needs.

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Printing and
Packaging Services

In this way, you can depend on professional advice in the manufacturing of your custom packaging through our printing services such as:

  • Impresión offset
    Offset Printing
    We provide the most advanced high-quality offset printing solutions on a wide range of materials.
  • prueba digital certificada
    Certified Digital Proof
    A certified digital colour proof to ensure that the final result matches your design completely.
  • Diseño gráfico de packaging
    Graphic Design
    We advise you on the graphic design process of your packaging, providing the necessary creativity and technical know-how to create your final artwork.
  • Intranet DIGRAF
    Through our intranet, you can find out immediately the status of your final artwork in the pre-printing process.
  • impresión digital packaging
    Digital Printing
    For small print runs, proofs and prototypes, we offer you the digital printing of your containers and packaging.
  • acabados de impresión especiales
    Special Finishes
    We work with a multitude of materials and techniques so that your containers are completely unique and differentiated.
  • Diseño estructural packaging y prototipos
    Structural Design/Prototypes
    We take care of the structural design of your packaging so that your containers comply perfectly with the required functionality.