Wine pouches for one or two bottles made from micro-flute cardboard in vertical format, opened and closed using the flap at the top and cotton handles for easy transport. These gift wine pouches from the French vineyard Chateau Rochebelle incorporates a series of finishes up to the level of the product housed. To protect the pouch and make it last longer, it has a layer of acrylic lacquer and a lamination, both in matt finish, averting the appearance of signs of wear and scrapes caused by use or transport. To highlight some of the design zones like the brand and symbols, we have used gloss UV silkscreen printing, as well as metallised stamping in golden tones.
BRAND:Chateau Rochebelle
SECTOR:Wine Packaging
FORMAT:Vertical pouch with handles of bag type
MATERIAL:Micro-flute cardboard
FINISHES:Offset printing, matt acrylic lacquer, matt lamination, gloss UV silkscreen and metallised stamping.

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