Box pallet for Lagunilla wine bottles This practical display unit facilitates transport and placing the product at the point of sale, and serves as a differentiating promotional element. It can hold up to 54 bottles of wine in 2 levels. In the manufacture, the choice of materials has been of great importance so that it maintains the strength necessary to support the product's weight, as well as averting deterioration during use from wear. Double-flute cardboard has been used as the basis for the structure, making it very strong. With regard to the finish, in addition to offset printing, a gloss acrylic lacquer and a lamination have been included, prolonging the optimal appearance of the product during use.
SECTOR:Wine Packaging
Formato:Box Pallet
Material:Corrugated cardboard with double-flute
Acabados:Gloss acrylic lacquer and shiny lamination.

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