Display unit with metal hooks for utensils (knives, scissors, etc.) This floor display stand has several interesting functions. On the one hand, it catches the eye of potential customers as any POV element should do. It includes information on the different products it holds (prices, details...). As it has various metal rods and hooks fitted into it, it also works as a product dispenser, leaving them tidily stored at the POS. Structurally, it consists of double open-wave corrugated cardboard which furnishes the solidity necessary to withstand the weight of the products contained. Offset printed, this display unit has a finish in gloss UV lacquer in some areas, thus focussing the attention of the consumer.
BRAND:IMF Kitchen Supplies
SECTOR:Packaging for industry
FORMAT:Floor display stand
MATERIAL:Corrugated cardboard with double flute
FINISHES:Offset printing and gloss UV lacquer

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