Luxury gift pouch for wine and glasses for the famous Rioja vineyard Muga. This spectacular wine packaging has a matchbox format, that is, it is opened by sliding the inner box within the pouch, and so a cord handle to facilitate is in included. In addition, the packaging includes cotton handles so it can be transported directly. In manufacturing this luxury pouch, a micro-flute cardboard which incorporates a paper lamina with printed polyester has been used. The polyester brings it a finish with impressive metallised reflections. It also includes a matt UV lacquer, gloss silkscreen printing and relief to highlight the brand itself.
BRAND:Bodegas Muga
SECTOR:Wine Packaging
FORMAT:Matchbox-type pouch with handles, bag type
MATERIAL:Micro-flute cardboard and polyester
FINISHES:Offset printing, matt UV lacquer, gloss silkscreen and relief

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